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Bar Code

This project is a bar code scanning version of my very first project, the four button truck Tweeting and emailing program and answers how to send Tweets from a RaspberryPi with Python Language.

This has been running for two weeks as a Beta version – see the feed here

The final code will be added in a few weeks time.

Printed off and ready to be programmed Here is the start of the code that should help you get started with Tweepy and sending Tweets.

print “Ready…”

while True:
gun_scan = raw_input(“Scan Now > “)
if gun_scan == “9781781063125”: #ISBN number off the back of Raspberry Pi for beginners book
print “I know that code, it’s the Raspberry Pi for beginners book”
#Enter code to send to Twitter and Email here
print “Not the code I wanted-“


For the above you will need a bar code scanning gun (USB) and the Datalogic Touch90 that I use didn’t need any driver installation, it worked right away.  I scanned in the back of a book in the code and then when I ran it scanned a Coke can to get the “Not the code I wanted” reply, then scan the book (the one needed) for the successful reply (that would then do something as a result”

This code was added early January and more is being done each week, and will be updated as I add it.

Click here for the four button emailing and Tweeting RaspberryPi project.